Hand painted or stitched gifts to make you smile

In my little London studio

Hi! I am Louise, the artist behind Cocolulu. I truly believe in the power of colour and creating pieces for the home to bring joy and happiness. Please explore my website to see how my painted, embroidered and stitched pieces can make you smile!

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Bedside Carafe & Glass set

Perfect for those who cherish the beauty in the little daily rituals. Uplift your every day with a stunning matching carafe and glass set, the perfect gift guaranteed to bring a smile.

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Hand painted candles

Hand painted candles

Cocolulu hand painted candles make a perfect unique gift for your loved... 

Looking for something bespoke?

I love to make your vision come to life. Take a look at all my pieces to get inspired, for me to make your loved one, the most unique gift. Perfect for any special occasion.

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  • Harness the power of colour

    Enrich your home with colour and harness the positive power it can have on your mood

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